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Hereford born and based Author and Poet Catherine Vaughan writes an eclectic array of publications from poetry, short stories plus a forthcoming debut novel titled Welcome to Wonderland. She is a multi-genre writer and a blogging enthusiast!

Notably Vaughan is the founder and editor of our literary network Herefordshire Writers. Longing to negate the solitary side of the Writer’s Life, Catherine started this multi-platform network to connect with fellow writer’s in the county and document the blossoming bohemian scene in Herefordshire alongside celebrating our world-class cultural heritage.

Highlights of Vaughan’s writer’s path have been publishing her first book a collection of poems written between 2010-2015 aptly titled The Quarter Life Crisis Poet, performing her first solo poetry event, at the Bohemian hang-out of Hereford: De Koffie Pot cafe. She’s also appeared in Hay Festival’s Talking about Shakespeare short film and performed at Ledbury Poetry Festival 2016 for Community Segments.

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Extracts of the Author’s work:


We are the heir
To Blair
In academia we make our bet
They get into debt.

Fortune is linear?
Starve, charge and never recharge.
Let’s get skinnier.

We are living it up
Naivety of a pup
In the workplace we are like slaves
Then at night we rave.

Our big break will come.
Chase, trace and encase.
To the beat of our drum

But I will not succumb
You are all so dumb
Here I become

And then some…

An artist.
I escaped to Bohemia

Away from academia
Ran from the curse
In my converse
And then some

Ran away from academia
Away from the curse
In my converse
To Bohemia



The Quarter life Crisis Poet: a collection of poems on pain, heartbreak and defiance by a twenty-something   |   9780993408908    |   Kindle   |   Paperback

How to Heal Eczema Naturally: a quick self-help guide to learn the secrets of healthy skin   |   9780993408915                     Kindle   |   Paperback

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