Author: Wendy Lou Jones

Wendy was born in West Sussex, in the south of England. She previously worked in hospitals, general practice and palliative care before starting a family, at which point she made the decision to step back from medical life to concentrate on being a mum and author.

She lives in a little village in Herefordshire with her husband and two boys. Wendy has published 7 books, 3 separate novels that are all about the casualties of love and and the charming, heartwarming and emotional Echoes of Nutt Hill series. Here’s what readers have said about her books in this link.

As it’s February it felt timely to feature our Doctor turned Novelist who writes about love and heartbreak and uncover her uplifting account of how her writing career started with a mysterious dream…

You said that one night changed your life and a dream inspired you to write. Can you share some more details of this experience, what was the spark that inspired you to write?

It’s hard to remember the details all these years later, but it was a dream about a romantic encounter at a glamorous ball. I remember waking up and lying there thinking what would have happened if I’d stayed asleep. It captured my imagination in a way I hadn’t experienced in years. I used to write down my dreams when I awoke as a child and so I can remember many of those, but this one held me captive. I thought of it often from then on. What would have happened? How had she got there? What might have happened in the story before that point? My mind began to obsess about it and in the end I had to write it down just to clear space in my mind to think of more. I wrote every night for 6 months until I had written around 55,000 words.

My dad encouraged me to send it off to agents. As I had nothing to lose I sent it off. I had no luck! It was a first novel and not my best, but it got me inspired and motivated. These days that manuscript lurks in an unmarked grave, but the next novel was a little better and the next, better still. My fourth novel one was the one to get published. And it was all thanks to that mysterious dream and my Dad’s encouragement.

What drives you to write emotional love stories?

I think it is the suffering. There is a beautiful correlation between the amount someone suffers and their potential for growth. Having worked in Medicine, I suppose I have seen more than my fair share of suffering and it is normally in the most emotional times that people’s kindness really shines. I love to be moved. If a story makes me cry, it’s a winner for me.  At Medical School, I had an interest in forensic pathology, so you might have thought I’d gravitate towards thrillers, but there is something about falling in love that pulls me back time and again. You could say I’m in love with love. Maybe I am, but it’s the kind of love that’s eternal. I’m devoted to it, and I will never give it up.

Describe where you write. 

At my dining room table that looks out onto countryside. I write on my laptop, on my battered old pine kitchen table. When the house is quiet and I’m on my own and free to write, I sit there with the open view of countryside, a pint of water saying ‘sit down and write’ and my notepad of plot and ideas. There is no timetable to it. I write when I can and when I want to. Kids holidays don’t work very well. I need peace and quiet. I most enjoy being able to write my stories and live other lives without ever leaving my home…

Coming up with ideas however, happens elsewhere; usually in bed at night – paper and pen sit close by – or whilst I’m cleaning the house, listening to emotional music. Those are my two main thinking times.

What advice would you give someone writing a debut novel?

They say write what you know, but it was exactly when I didn’t that I got published, so I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that. But if it’s a debut and you are aiming to get published, there are things that can help. You should aim for 80-90,000 words (or whatever your genre requires) and make sure it fits an obvious category. Some publishers will say they consider cross-genre work, but the more mainstream your novels looks, the more likely they will be to sell it.

Tell us about your transition from working in the medical field to entering the creative arena of fiction writing.

 I was raising my children for about 8 years between being a doctor and being a novelist. A lot of my medical experiences seep into my work. My family tease me about the amount of people I kill off or admit to hospital in my stories, so in some ways there’s obviously no great leap away from ‘write what you know’ for me. My only struggle was with my editors over medical stuff; when they wanted me to write something that I knew to be medically inaccurate, even though it might have made a better or more saleable story.

Fiction extract from Sun on Sundays… An Echoes of Nutt Hill novel

Thinking back, Carrie-Ann could not remember a time when she hadn’t been in love with Tom. It had always been there, inside her; a private yearning that could never be released. Tom was six years older than her, quietly spoken and kind. He was from a well-to-do family in the village and had never looked at her in any way that would give her reason to hope, but hope she had. Quietly, and without any real expectation, it lingered; like the lazy glow of dying embers at the end of a winter’s night. And in being so, it warmed her dreams and kept her breathing.

From the library window, she watched him, her face half-shielded by the heavy velvet curtains there. He was a farm manager now, working on the Pemberton’s farm, a mere 300 yards away from where she was sitting, but for all the good it had done her, it might as well have been 300 miles.

She had hoped, when she’d started at the hill, that working up there would mean she’d get to see a little more of Tom, but alas, it seemed not. At least Maggie was interesting to spend time with and she had a fascinating collection of books in her library, so as she waited for her heart to be opened, she was bound by obscurity, to take each day as it came.

And now, after months of waiting, at last, here he was, talking to Joe, the gardener, on the far side of the lawn. Quietly, she looked across at Maggie, deeply engrossed in a book in her favourite corner of the room and satisfied of her privacy, turned back. She felt her heart shiver as she allowed herself to bask in the warmth of the sight outside, a few moments spent blissful unobserved.

Tom was standing with one hand in his pocket, a long-standing habit of his she’d often noticed. He was wearing dark grey cargo pants and a cream granddad-collar shirt tucked in at the belt, his sleeves were rolled up to the elbows and his hair had that slightly scruffy look she loved about him; it said, ‘I started out neat enough, but it’s been a long day’.

As she watched, she saw Tom laugh at something Joe said and she smiled. If only there could be more moments like this, she thought and her patient heart blinked at the light. What must it be like to look on this man and have him smiling down at you, she wondered; to have his eyes warm at the sight of you, and to know you were his.

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The Echoes of Nutt Hill series



Book 1

Finding Sarah is an emotionally captivating story of love, life and everything in between.
With her house sold from under her, Sarah finds herself moving to a small cottage in the country in order to make ends meet, but soon befriends, Maggie, the matriarch of Nutt Hill, a Texan and hopeless romantic.
But when Sarah meets a new man, her idyllic new life seems set to fracture.
Two very different souls searching for peace. One entire parish watching. And in a small country village, nothing stays private for long…





Book 2

Sun on Sundays is an emotionally compelling tale of family, friendship and hope. Carrie-Ann is 19 and in love with Tom; she always has been, yet their worlds only touch every other weekend. She had thought that by agreeing to work on Nutt Hill she would get see him far more. Unfortunately that didn’t seem to be the case. But Maggie is a sucker for young love and despite Carrie-Ann keeping her years of yearning close to her chest, one day Tom turns up on the hill. Will he ever see her the way she wants to be seen? Sometimes these things need a helping hand… The second Echoes of Nutt Hill novel.




Book 3

A deeply emotional love story from the author of By My Side. Luke is the man with the money, the fast car and the hot woman. There’s no way he would even think about getting serious, but a face he can’t remember soon threatens his calm. Rebecca isn’t interested in a relationship, and definitely not with him. How could she, after all he put her through? She’s spent the last 4 years hiding away from society, a one woman crusade for children’s road safety. Who would have thought one fateful day, it might almost be her … again. As two worlds collide, will opposites attract? Not if she can help it. The third Echoes of Nutt Hill novel.



Book 4

An Echoes of Nutt Hill novel. Perfect for fans of Joanna Trollope. Exiled to the country for bad behaviour, what did he expect? Certainly not her. Tristan’s mother is planning one last ditch attempt to reform her son. He is removed to the country where he meets Michelle, or tries not to. The woman is not worth the shoes on his feet, or so he believes at first, but Michelle has a great deal she can teach him and she doesn’t wait long to start. ‘You mustn’t fall for his charms,’ they said. ‘You will never fit into his life.’ Can she change him enough to have a shot at the dream? Thrust together, the two spark-up a tenuous friendship, and so the journey begins.

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A Christmas message from Local Authors


georgia-hill-sqHi there – and Merry Christmas. I’m Georgia Hill and I write historical romance and rom-coms. My books always feature an intriguing man, a believably flawed heroine and a page turning story with romance at its heart.

I love Christmas and adore receiving books as presents. There’s nothing better than disappearing into a great story! Christmas is the perfect time to read. It’s when the usual routines are abandoned and you might even have a bit of time off work. I live in a tiny village in rural Herefordshire and like nothing better than to light the wood-burner, grab a mince-pie and a dog or two and curl up with a good book.

If you’re like me and love reading romance, or are looking for a present for a loved one, I might have the perfect suggestion.

My most recent book, While I Was Waiting is set in Herefordshire – the history, myths and beautiful countryside of my adopted county directly inspired it. Here’s a little of what it’s all about:

Rachel swaps city life for the beautiful but dilapidated Clematis Cottage. Tucked away in the attic is an old tin full of letters and a diary. These are the precious memories that tell of Hetty Trenchard-Lewis, a love lost in the Great War and the girl who was left behind. Will Rachel learn from Hetty’s story that the man of her dreams isn’t the one she thinks she needs?

It’s ideal for those who like two stories in one and love romance and history.

Purchase a copy of While I Was Waiting here
ISBN: 978-0008123260
Blogger review found here
 View more of Georgia’s books:
Discover more:
Twitter: @GeorgiaWrites
Facebook: /GeorgiaHillAuthor



Hello – I’m David J Vaughan. I write mostly non-fiction, my latest book is The Little Book of Herefordshire, which makes the perfect yuletide gift for tourists and visitors alike. This book contains a plethora of entertaining facts about Herefordshire’s literary, artistic and sporting achievements, customs ancient and modern and transport. It’s a wonderful compendium and guide to dip into time and time again. It reveals so much about our county’s heritage, plus secrets and the enduring fascination of Herefordshire. It was also a No.3  Bestseller at Waterstones Hereford bookshop last month.

Did you know?

A Herefordshire Christmas was incomplete without some curious superstitions. As well as Burning the Bush, Wassailing and Blowing the Thorn, you could encounter the gravest misfortune by not bleeding your cattle, on Boxing Day or bringing holly or ivy inside at any other time of the year or allowing a woman who had not swept in the house on Christmas Eve to enter the same on Christmas Day! 

I’m a Historian with a background in archaeology. I’ve written for Cotswold Life and for local press and have appeared on BBC television and radio, including Countryfile. 

The Little book of Herefordshire is a real gem to have on your bookshelf and a great gift to give for family members who enjoy history. I thought I’d take a moment to share with you my next publication due out next month:

 Mad or Bad: Crime and Insanity in Victorian Britain

‘In a violent 19th century, desperate attempts by the alienists – a new wave of ‘mad-doctor’ – brought the insanity plea into Victorian courts. Defining psychological conditions in an attempt at acquittal, they faced ridicule, obstruction – even professional ruin – as they strived for acceptance and struggled for change. It left ‘mad’ people hanged for offences they could not remember committing, and ‘bad’ people freed on unscrupulous pleas. Written in accessible language, this book – unlike any before it – retells twenty-five cases, from the renowned to obscure, including an attempt to murder a bemused Queen Victoria; the poisoner Dove and a much-feared magician; the king’s former wet-nurse who slaughtered six children; the worst serial killer in Britain… And more…’

ISBN: 978-1473864139
Pre-order here.

The Little Book of Herefordshire can be found at our local Waterstones bookshop and WHSmith. I do occassional talks on History so follow me online to hear about my next event and book-signing.

Have a Happy Christmas,


Give a copy of The Little Book of Herefordshire to friend and family this Christmas here.
ISBN: 978-0750966283
Publisher: The History Press
David’s books:
Bloody British History: Salisbury
The Secret Life of Celestina Sommer – a very Victorian murder
Mad or Bad: Crime and Insanity in Victorian Britain
David’s guest blog post on Criminal History read here
Find out more about his work:
Twitter: @David_J_Vaughan
Facebook: /The-Little-Book-of-Herefordshire

wendy-louHi- I’m Wendy Lou Jones, I write emotional love stories. I have 7 books published to date and the one I would recommend for Christmas reading is Chances Are.

Chances Are is the 3rd in a series of rural love stories called the Echoes of Nutt Hill. They are set in the fictional village of Lower Nutton, a farming community in the English countryside. Each book can be read independently, but being such a small village, several characters do pop up in them all, so if you’re a stickler for doing things in the proper order, you may want to read Finding Sarah first. Finding Sarah (Book 1) is the story of a divorced woman moving into the village, disrupting the quiet way of life with her choice of new man. Sun on Sundays comes next (Book 2); the story of a young woman desperate for the attention of the man she has always loved. And after you have read the three, you can finish the series off with my latest release, A Different Life (Book 4). The final tale is of a woman who has had a hard life, being given the task of taming a spoiled young man.

I probably shouldn’t say this, but Chances Are is my personal favourite. It’s the story of a woman immersed in grief, coming to the attention of a rather vain man. They share a history, but not a good one. How then can he hope to win her round? You may well ask. Well, you’ll have to just read and see.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas and read some wonderful books. And after you’ve read all of them, maybe you could read one of mine…

chancesarehomestylesqPurchase Chances Are here:
ISBN: 978-1530945368
Blogger review on found here
Browse the rest of Wendy Lou’s books from the Echoes of Nutt Hill series and her novels :
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audrina-with-book-flHi! I’m Audrina – author of the Heart Trilogy series. Let me tell you a bit more about this series as it would make a wonderful gift for the romance lover in your life! The story follows the lives of Stephanie, a 40 year old single mum, and her daughter Charlotte aged 17. With Charlotte suffering from her first heartbreak her Mum hands her the diaries from her own first romance back in 1988 in the hope that it will teach her daughter about both the highs and lows of first love. It will uncover one of her own darkest secrets and the fact that Stephanie has been running from her own heartbreak for over twenty four years.

“Where did your Heart go?” is the first book in the series. It sets the scene and tells the story of Stephanie and James, but what went wrong? Charlotte loves to dance and meets a new love in the form of the handsome dancer Mitchell. Surprises are in store for all of them as their lives parallel much of the past in so many strange ways. Set in the local town of Ross-on-Wye and Hereford, you can imagine the characters amid our glorious local countryside. The whole series is perfect for all ages from 18 to 80 as we all remember our first love, hopefully with fond memories. Some of us may even wonder what would happen if they were given a second chance to be with our first love again? Could it work out Happily Ever After?

Follow the characters of James and Stephanie, Charlotte and Mitchell. You’ll also meet Felicity, a woman who is intent on ruining lives at whatever the cost! There’s nothing better than cosying up to a good read on these cold winter nights so why not tuck into a new trilogy of book for yourself or give it as a gift?

Have a very Merry Christmas!

audrinas-bookshelfBlogger review by Roses & Violets Book review found here
Purchase Where Did Your Heart Go? Are here:
ISBN: 978-1507732526
Browse the rest of Audrina’s books here:
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Twitter: @AudrinaLane
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Author: Audrina Lane

Audrina Lane  Where did your heart go?  Unbreak my heart  Closer to the heart

Audrina Lane had planted the seeds of her Writer’s path at 19 when a break-up with a boyfriend lead her to write a whole novel in her notebook. This novel sat buried for 21 years. Then in 2013 in the lead up to her 40th birthday Lane decided to uncover her “book baby” and self-publish it. The original story written in her notebook was “re-worked” in 6 months and became Lane’s first novel “Where did your Heart go?”

Lane is a wonderful and inspiring account of how dreams may get buried but they can appear again and even multiply! Her first novel was intended as a stand alone book but she felt her characters had so much more life in them so much so that “The Heart Trilogy” came about. In Book 2 “Unbreak my Heart” Stephanie is reunited with her first love James then dilemmas arise in Book 3 “Closer to the Heart” when Stephanie is faced with having to move abroad and decide between duty or the love of her life. Some of the scenes in the trilogy are set locally and as far as America and New Zealand!

Q & A with the Author:

Q: What have been the toughest factors on your Writer’s Path?

A: Just finding the time to write. I work full-time and then I have housework, dogs and a partner to fit into the mix. I tend to snatch writing time wherever and whenever I can. I use an iPad so I can be travelling to work on the bus and write or equally sat in a waiting room!! I try to write every day even if it only amounts to a paragraph.

Q: What’s your next book/writing project about?

A: I am currently working on a companion novel to The Heart Trilogy series which focuses on the evil character in the three novels called Felicity. This book stretches from 1978 – before the Heart Trilogy begins in 1988 and finishes in 2013 just before the Heart Trilogy series ends. It’s been quite a challenge and I have had to split the storyline into two parts.

It released last month titled “Bloodstained Heart.” I’m aiming to have the 2nd part finished for December. They both have darker connotations and subject matter. I can’t say anymore as I don’t want to spoil the plot line.

Q: Share some social media marketing tips for fellow authors.

A: Marketing Tips that I have learned over the last three years include the following:

Take full advantage of Twitter and the various writer hashtags including #2bittues and #1lineWed which allows you to share lines from your current work in progress. Tap into subjects that would cover the topics your book includes – so I regularly use #musicmonday and do posts that tie music to my novels.

With Facebook I have a street team of around 20 people. This is mainly made up of the readers that have enjoyed my novels, along with other authors and bloggers. We all work together so that my posts get more reach and my PA is indispensable in finding all the writing pages and other blogs and sharing my teasers and book links there.

Also on Facebook I enjoy holding events which are like online parties. I have done one for the launch of my final book in the Heart Trilogy series and one for my latest book. I also help other authors by planning and helping with their parties and take part in those held by other authors. It’s a really great way of interacting with possible new readers and also making friends with other writers.

Fiction Extract

Where did your Heart go?
Paperback   |   ISBN: 9781507732526   |   Kindle


Dear Diary,

Saturday 16th January, 1988

Its two weeks since I first saw James and I can’t believe I am now lucky enough to call him a friend. However, I still want more – I want to add boy to that friend.

As we wandered onto the poolside, I saw him up at the deep end, his blond head next to a dark one in conversation. I grabbed Sarah’s arm.

“There they are,” I said.

“I like a man with dark hair,” Sarah replied, squeezing my arm as we slipped into the cool water and started to swim towards them. James moved aside a little so there was space for us to hold onto the side.

“Hi Steph, hi Sarah,” he said. “This is Chris,” he motioned, who turned and nodded.

We spent an enjoyable hour splashing around together, laughing and joking. James gave me some pointers on my diving technique before showing off with a somersault. Then as we took a breather on the side, he motioned to me.

“Steph, why don’t you go under the water and close your eyes.”


“It’s a surprise,” he said, grinning. I smiled back and ducked beneath the surface. As I waited for something to happen, I felt his hands on my waist and I almost opened my eyes. He pulled me closer and I felt his lips on mine in a brief kiss.

Startled, my eyes sprang open and I felt the heat of my skin burning like fire. I looked directly into his eyes for a second and then he pushed up to the surface. I was only moments behind him as I reached out for the side. My heart was pounding and my whole body was trembling as I tried to keep control of my spiraling emotions. I felt faint as I clung to the side, I didn’t have the nerve to ask him what this kiss meant. Instead I watched him streak off down the pool and back, racing against Chris.

“So?” she exclaimed.

“He just kissed me,” I replied. “I’m still in shock.” My lips were engrained with the feel of his lips on them. Everything felt new, exciting and wonderful.

James made no mention of the stolen kiss and I was too nervous in case I had imagined it. I’m now lying in bed watching the clock tick away. It’s gone midnight and for some reason I can’t sleep. I can still feel his lips pressed against mine and the feel of his hands on my waist when they pulled me close enough. His lips on mine were soft and firm against the liquid coolness of the water that surrounded us and held us both. We were suspended in a timeless moment. I’m now going to shut my eyes and dream of kissing James again.


Where did your Heart go?   |   9781507732526   |   Kindle   |   Paperback

Unbreak my heart   |   9781523689163   |   Kindle   |   Paperback

Closer to the Heart   |   Kindle 

Bloodstained Heart: Part 1 – Passion   |   Kindle 


Facebook: /HerefordshireWriters
Twitter: @HFDShireWriters
Instagram: @HerefordshireWriters
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Author & Poet: Catherine Vaughan

Official Author Photo         The Quarter Life Crisis Poet 300 DPI         FINALCOMLETECOVERECZEMA-PERFECTnv NO trim


Hereford born and based Author and Poet Catherine Vaughan writes an eclectic array of publications from poetry, short stories plus a forthcoming debut novel titled Welcome to Wonderland. She is a multi-genre writer and a blogging enthusiast!

Notably Vaughan is the founder and editor of our literary network Herefordshire Writers. Longing to negate the solitary side of the Writer’s Life, Catherine started this multi-platform network to connect with fellow writer’s in the county and document the blossoming bohemian scene in Herefordshire alongside celebrating our world-class cultural heritage.

Highlights of Vaughan’s writer’s path have been publishing her first book a collection of poems written between 2010-2015 aptly titled The Quarter Life Crisis Poet, performing her first solo poetry event, at the Bohemian hang-out of Hereford: De Koffie Pot cafe. She’s also appeared in Hay Festival’s Talking about Shakespeare short film and performed at Ledbury Poetry Festival 2016 for Community Segments.

You can receive updates on her forthcoming publications, media appearances and events by signing up to the Mailing List on

Extracts of the Author’s work:


We are the heir
To Blair
In academia we make our bet
They get into debt.

Fortune is linear?
Starve, charge and never recharge.
Let’s get skinnier.

We are living it up
Naivety of a pup
In the workplace we are like slaves
Then at night we rave.

Our big break will come.
Chase, trace and encase.
To the beat of our drum

But I will not succumb
You are all so dumb
Here I become

And then some…

An artist.
I escaped to Bohemia

Away from academia
Ran from the curse
In my converse
And then some

Ran away from academia
Away from the curse
In my converse
To Bohemia



The Quarter life Crisis Poet: a collection of poems on pain, heartbreak and defiance by a twenty-something   |   9780993408908    |   Kindle   |   Paperback

How to Heal Eczema Naturally: a quick self-help guide to learn the secrets of healthy skin   |   9780993408915                     Kindle   |   Paperback

Connect Online:

Official Site   |

Browse books   |   AMAZON

            Facebook:   /CatherineVaughanWriter           Twitter:   @CattVaughan

Facebook: /HerefordshireWriters
Twitter: @HFDShireWriters
Instagram: @HerefordshireWriters
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Herefordshire Author M.E Holley’s book in the works to be produced into a film. Show your support!

Jonah and the Last Great Dragon: Legend of the Heart Eaters by [Holley, M E.]

M.E. Holley is a Hereford based author of the sci-fi and fantasy series: Jonah and the Last Great Dragon. Book 1 “Legend of the Heart Eaters” is set in contemporary times with the dragon appearing in our neighboring Welsh borders.

If you like the sound of that check out the blurb:

On the first morning of Jonah Drakes summer holiday on the Welsh Borders, an enormous dog attacks him, and then weird creatures appear. An old legend of the area comes true and the last Great Dragon of Wales wakes from beneath the Radnor Forest. The people of the valley discover that terrifying Night Creatures want to take over the modern world. Only dragon-fire can destroy them and Jonah finds that he is the only person who can control the Great Dragon.

The book for those interested is availble in Paperback and Kindle.

Here’s the story of how Jonah and the Dragon got Hollywood’s attention. Be sure to view, give a thumbs up on Youtube and share this story to friends and family.

David Sheldon is the Hollywood producer and director who wants to write the screenplay of this book. Notably he has produced, co-authored and directed “Grizzly Adams: The Legend of Dark Mountain” which was screened at the Cannes Film Festival. He has plans to partner up with Joan McCall to produce the screenplay but it takes money honey!

Fancy helping out on this Hollywood project?  Well have a look at this site called IndieGoGo which is a crowd-funding digital platform for all makers, movers, and shakers in the creative field from musicians, film-makers and more.

With your donation we help catalyze Herefordshire film history.

Visit the campaign page now!

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