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Jonah and the Last Great Dragon: Legend of the Heart Eaters by [Holley, M E.]

M.E. Holley is a Hereford based author of the sci-fi and fantasy series: Jonah and the Last Great Dragon. Book 1 “Legend of the Heart Eaters” is set in contemporary times with the dragon appearing in our neighboring Welsh borders.

If you like the sound of that check out the blurb:

On the first morning of Jonah Drakes summer holiday on the Welsh Borders, an enormous dog attacks him, and then weird creatures appear. An old legend of the area comes true and the last Great Dragon of Wales wakes from beneath the Radnor Forest. The people of the valley discover that terrifying Night Creatures want to take over the modern world. Only dragon-fire can destroy them and Jonah finds that he is the only person who can control the Great Dragon.

The book for those interested is availble in Paperback and Kindle.

Here’s the story of how Jonah and the Dragon got Hollywood’s attention. Be sure to view, give a thumbs up on Youtube and share this story to friends and family.

David Sheldon is the Hollywood producer and director who wants to write the screenplay of this book. Notably he has produced, co-authored and directed “Grizzly Adams: The Legend of Dark Mountain” which was screened at the Cannes Film Festival. He has plans to partner up with Joan McCall to produce the screenplay but it takes money honey!

Fancy helping out on this Hollywood project?  Well have a look at this site called IndieGoGo which is a crowd-funding digital platform for all makers, movers, and shakers in the creative field from musicians, film-makers and more.

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