Content Creators: Michelle Cuadra & Rich Lovell

This month we are highlighting a new emerging trend in the writing field: Content Creators! These new breed of writers are multi-talented sharing their work in the virtual world (via blogging) and the real world. Hear me out. Media is changing, tastes are broadening and Content Creators are bridging the gap between culture and technology, tweets and events.

The Content Creators of the Hereford Indie Culture website are not just blogging about a band they love they’re not just reviewing gigs they are also organizing these events for us and on a voluntary basis. The duo behind Hereford City Centric are Rich Lovell & Michelle Cuardra.

michelle-richPhoto: Nick Vidall-Hall

What inspired you to launch (HCC) and The Underground Revolution (UR) in unison?

Michelle: The Underground Revolution was born in my sitting room on a piece of sketch paper and the help of a Thesauraus. Rich & I  are really passionate about food, music, art, film and independent businesses in Hereford. We’re also very curious plus wanted to share our passion with others, inspire them and of course give the locals a platform both musically and culturally which is why we launched We also hope that we are helping attract tourists to a city whose economy thrives on tourism.

Rich: I think we just knew it would work–we are both similar characters in that we want to get things done, so no messing, lots of energy and enthusiasm. I can’t sit by and watch as the city struggles to keep its spirit in these tough times. Whether we make a positive difference I don’t know, but we try. The HCC & UR running together just seems to complement each other–after all they are both about the community.

You guys have a plethora of creative folk on your contributing writer’s team like artists, poets and singers- how did you find these creatives?

Rich: I think from our own past efforts, we have got to know many good people around the county. And they are as keen as anyone to see this succeed. Herefordshire does have a vibrant, creative community, it just needs a platform-there are some very clever folk here.

Michelle: Yeah we actually do! Like Rich said, we know a lot of good and very creative people. They needed somewhere to express themselves freely, and we are happy to oblige. We are always looking for volunteer contributors to help us cover art exhibits, review gigs and just generally contribute to our cultural community. It’s great exposure. Our contributors have been on board from the get go and have produced amazing music, art and food reviews. Thank you John Rose, Omar Majeed, Rich Lovell, Claire Perkins, Simon Rogers, Jonathon Paul, Nickie Bates, Raphael La Roche, Nick Vidal-Hall and Ashley Webb.

Meet Michellemichelle-cuadra

Michelle grew up in LA during the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. She was exposed to a variety of music scenes as LA was the place to break into music in America. Having been surrounded by so many unique individuals and music was inspiring and fed her hunger for counter-culture. Notably she indulges in many cultural styles. As Michelle would put it “Limiting oneself is a tragedy.”

What has been the highlight of your Music Promotion and Blogging venture this year?

It has all happened so quickly. Gigs that have been memorable include Cherryshoes, Ramonas, Under a Banner and our charity punk festival A Crisis of Conscience. We also have the support from the Rebellion and Surprise Attacks promoters… Like I said… Karma. Ask me this at the end of November though when the Subhumans and Steve Ignorant have played. I don’t want to exclude local bands-some have really rocked my world. I am a huge fan of Black Boxes, Teddy’s Leg, Freeborn Rising and well so many good ones really!

We receive plenty of support from the local press and now Slap Mag has allowed us an opportunity to write about our gigs and the local music scene in Hereford. I have been a fan of Slap Mag pretty much since it launched so I was over the moon. Maybe we are just lucky but really I believe it is all about Karma.

I also was fortunate to review some films for the French Film Festival UK courtesy of the Courtyard. Talk about jumping into the deep end. It is pretty complex but I loved it. I was also given the opportunity to review an indie film by Irish director Graham Jones.

What local websites do you enjoy reading?

I am a big fan of the Hereford Heckler, although it is more of an Anarchist online publication. I think they are winding down a bit but they are fearless writers-you have to admire that. Nothing wrong with telling it like it is… If that makes someone an anarchist then so be it.

I really love what Herefordshire Live are doing as well. It’s an online magazine that also started up around the time I did and has really taken off. It is a fantastic source for culture, they also have some great writers and have developed a loyal readership.

Meet Richrich-lovell

Rich is from Wolverhampton and is the front man of local punk band Terminal Rage who is made up of London transplant Raphael La Roche and Bob Griffin (whose brother is the late Dale Griffin of Mott the Hoople.) As Michelle describes, “Rich grew up in Wolverhampton and witnessed the evolution of an amazing music scene that pushed creative and socio-political boundaries,” all fantastic experience that some could say culminated into the inevitable manifestation of The Underground Revolution which Rich is determined to possess “no cliques, no mainstream, just cool music played with passion.” This is apparent from their mix of punk bands they’ve embraced and promoted for their music nights at The Booth Hall from the young band The Delinquents to Bromyard band Teddy’s Leg.

How does Hereford’s Indie music scene vary from other cities in the UK?

The Booth Hall are really making a difference, as are others like the Victory & Plough pubs. But this is quite recent. The lack of suitable venues in the past has meant people are out of the habit of going to gigs, seeing bands that are unknown, having that adventure. The downside is that we struggle for venues that will invest in anything other than covers bands. On the plus side, there are some ridiculously talented people here and that makes it all so exciting and rewarding. We are lucky to have some great colleges here–the student music nights are amazing.

Can you share some favourite memories of your work for Hereford City Centric, The Underground Revolution and your band Terminal Rage?

Our first gig, Attila The Stockbroker was a great occasion – not only was it our first, but it was spoken word AND it was Attila–a legend! It was great to have TV Smith play for us for our charity gig in September–meeting your heroes IS a good thing, Tim Smith is such a great, unassuming, caring person. From the band’s perspective, Terminal Rage playing at Cloggerfest (Staffordshire) was a highlight-the bill was all acoustic and folk or folk punk acts, so we thought our loud, angry set might be a step too far, but the crowd went mad, we loved it, such a good time was had and we got 3 festival slots for next year from it. It’s one of the friendliest festivals you will find. I recommend it to anyone.

What is Hereford City Centric & The Underground Revolution’s vision & hopes for 2017?

Rich: On the music front, keep looking for new acts to showcase, help them start on their journey and bring a few touring bands to town, too. We’re mainly aimed at the alternative genres, as they are the acts that struggle to find venues that will take a risk. We have venues like the Booth Hall to thank for playing a large part in this – they are on this journey with the Underground Revolution too. It’s important to us that the acts know we are unpaid volunteers, we are not trying to fool them or make money from their art – credibility is essential to this project.

Michelle: Rich said it beautifully regarding the Underground Revolution, it’s all about selflessly bringing music to the city. People don’t know how many amazing bands are tucked away in little ol’ Hereford. The bonus is that we are having a good time enjoying what we love: Music! You just have to keep an eye out for our shows by joining The Underground Revolution Hereford Facebook or our Twitter to see what is on the horizon. All good I assure you.

Hereford City Centric has formed itself along the way and still doing so. Even the majority of our marketing is organic. We like to think of it as a platform for creative contributors and a way to support the independents in our city. I have some bigger ideas but they are under lock and key. Ssshhh! We both are quite busy so sometimes the blog is overshadowed by the music side and the overload of projects I have taken on, but it is still going strong.

The duo are also featured in more online articles:

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Michelle was also the September Bohemian of the month selection for blog

Facebook: /HerefordCityCentric
Twitter: @HFDcitycentric

The Underground Revolution
Facebook Group here
Twitter: @HerefordUndergd

Michelle is also a Blogger for beauty site with celebrity make-up artist Carlos Palma
Twitter: @ItGirlUK

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Author: Audrina Lane

Audrina Lane  Where did your heart go?  Unbreak my heart  Closer to the heart

Audrina Lane had planted the seeds of her Writer’s path at 19 when a break-up with a boyfriend lead her to write a whole novel in her notebook. This novel sat buried for 21 years. Then in 2013 in the lead up to her 40th birthday Lane decided to uncover her “book baby” and self-publish it. The original story written in her notebook was “re-worked” in 6 months and became Lane’s first novel “Where did your Heart go?”

Lane is a wonderful and inspiring account of how dreams may get buried but they can appear again and even multiply! Her first novel was intended as a stand alone book but she felt her characters had so much more life in them so much so that “The Heart Trilogy” came about. In Book 2 “Unbreak my Heart” Stephanie is reunited with her first love James then dilemmas arise in Book 3 “Closer to the Heart” when Stephanie is faced with having to move abroad and decide between duty or the love of her life. Some of the scenes in the trilogy are set locally and as far as America and New Zealand!

Q & A with the Author:

Q: What have been the toughest factors on your Writer’s Path?

A: Just finding the time to write. I work full-time and then I have housework, dogs and a partner to fit into the mix. I tend to snatch writing time wherever and whenever I can. I use an iPad so I can be travelling to work on the bus and write or equally sat in a waiting room!! I try to write every day even if it only amounts to a paragraph.

Q: What’s your next book/writing project about?

A: I am currently working on a companion novel to The Heart Trilogy series which focuses on the evil character in the three novels called Felicity. This book stretches from 1978 – before the Heart Trilogy begins in 1988 and finishes in 2013 just before the Heart Trilogy series ends. It’s been quite a challenge and I have had to split the storyline into two parts.

It released last month titled “Bloodstained Heart.” I’m aiming to have the 2nd part finished for December. They both have darker connotations and subject matter. I can’t say anymore as I don’t want to spoil the plot line.

Q: Share some social media marketing tips for fellow authors.

A: Marketing Tips that I have learned over the last three years include the following:

Take full advantage of Twitter and the various writer hashtags including #2bittues and #1lineWed which allows you to share lines from your current work in progress. Tap into subjects that would cover the topics your book includes – so I regularly use #musicmonday and do posts that tie music to my novels.

With Facebook I have a street team of around 20 people. This is mainly made up of the readers that have enjoyed my novels, along with other authors and bloggers. We all work together so that my posts get more reach and my PA is indispensable in finding all the writing pages and other blogs and sharing my teasers and book links there.

Also on Facebook I enjoy holding events which are like online parties. I have done one for the launch of my final book in the Heart Trilogy series and one for my latest book. I also help other authors by planning and helping with their parties and take part in those held by other authors. It’s a really great way of interacting with possible new readers and also making friends with other writers.

Fiction Extract

Where did your Heart go?
Paperback   |   ISBN: 9781507732526   |   Kindle


Dear Diary,

Saturday 16th January, 1988

Its two weeks since I first saw James and I can’t believe I am now lucky enough to call him a friend. However, I still want more – I want to add boy to that friend.

As we wandered onto the poolside, I saw him up at the deep end, his blond head next to a dark one in conversation. I grabbed Sarah’s arm.

“There they are,” I said.

“I like a man with dark hair,” Sarah replied, squeezing my arm as we slipped into the cool water and started to swim towards them. James moved aside a little so there was space for us to hold onto the side.

“Hi Steph, hi Sarah,” he said. “This is Chris,” he motioned, who turned and nodded.

We spent an enjoyable hour splashing around together, laughing and joking. James gave me some pointers on my diving technique before showing off with a somersault. Then as we took a breather on the side, he motioned to me.

“Steph, why don’t you go under the water and close your eyes.”


“It’s a surprise,” he said, grinning. I smiled back and ducked beneath the surface. As I waited for something to happen, I felt his hands on my waist and I almost opened my eyes. He pulled me closer and I felt his lips on mine in a brief kiss.

Startled, my eyes sprang open and I felt the heat of my skin burning like fire. I looked directly into his eyes for a second and then he pushed up to the surface. I was only moments behind him as I reached out for the side. My heart was pounding and my whole body was trembling as I tried to keep control of my spiraling emotions. I felt faint as I clung to the side, I didn’t have the nerve to ask him what this kiss meant. Instead I watched him streak off down the pool and back, racing against Chris.

“So?” she exclaimed.

“He just kissed me,” I replied. “I’m still in shock.” My lips were engrained with the feel of his lips on them. Everything felt new, exciting and wonderful.

James made no mention of the stolen kiss and I was too nervous in case I had imagined it. I’m now lying in bed watching the clock tick away. It’s gone midnight and for some reason I can’t sleep. I can still feel his lips pressed against mine and the feel of his hands on my waist when they pulled me close enough. His lips on mine were soft and firm against the liquid coolness of the water that surrounded us and held us both. We were suspended in a timeless moment. I’m now going to shut my eyes and dream of kissing James again.


Where did your Heart go?   |   9781507732526   |   Kindle   |   Paperback

Unbreak my heart   |   9781523689163   |   Kindle   |   Paperback

Closer to the Heart   |   Kindle 

Bloodstained Heart: Part 1 – Passion   |   Kindle 


Facebook: /HerefordshireWriters
Twitter: @HFDShireWriters
Instagram: @HerefordshireWriters
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Author & Poet: Catherine Vaughan

Official Author Photo         The Quarter Life Crisis Poet 300 DPI         FINALCOMLETECOVERECZEMA-PERFECTnv NO trim


Hereford born and based Author and Poet Catherine Vaughan writes an eclectic array of publications from poetry, short stories plus a forthcoming debut novel titled Welcome to Wonderland. She is a multi-genre writer and a blogging enthusiast!

Notably Vaughan is the founder and editor of our literary network Herefordshire Writers. Longing to negate the solitary side of the Writer’s Life, Catherine started this multi-platform network to connect with fellow writer’s in the county and document the blossoming bohemian scene in Herefordshire alongside celebrating our world-class cultural heritage.

Highlights of Vaughan’s writer’s path have been publishing her first book a collection of poems written between 2010-2015 aptly titled The Quarter Life Crisis Poet, performing her first solo poetry event, at the Bohemian hang-out of Hereford: De Koffie Pot cafe. She’s also appeared in Hay Festival’s Talking about Shakespeare short film and performed at Ledbury Poetry Festival 2016 for Community Segments.

You can receive updates on her forthcoming publications, media appearances and events by signing up to the Mailing List on

Extracts of the Author’s work:


We are the heir
To Blair
In academia we make our bet
They get into debt.

Fortune is linear?
Starve, charge and never recharge.
Let’s get skinnier.

We are living it up
Naivety of a pup
In the workplace we are like slaves
Then at night we rave.

Our big break will come.
Chase, trace and encase.
To the beat of our drum

But I will not succumb
You are all so dumb
Here I become

And then some…

An artist.
I escaped to Bohemia

Away from academia
Ran from the curse
In my converse
And then some

Ran away from academia
Away from the curse
In my converse
To Bohemia



The Quarter life Crisis Poet: a collection of poems on pain, heartbreak and defiance by a twenty-something   |   9780993408908    |   Kindle   |   Paperback

How to Heal Eczema Naturally: a quick self-help guide to learn the secrets of healthy skin   |   9780993408915                     Kindle   |   Paperback

Connect Online:

Official Site   |

Browse books   |   AMAZON

            Facebook:   /CatherineVaughanWriter           Twitter:   @CattVaughan

Facebook: /HerefordshireWriters
Twitter: @HFDShireWriters
Instagram: @HerefordshireWriters
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